I'm from Asia

This group of tween friends learns about the world around them and how they can interact with it using their unique set of talents. Subjects are learned differently by each of the friends based on their different learning and intellectual styles.  Follow our friends as they learn about music, art, science, math, literature, and geography.  Then, watch them share their experiences with you via their social media accounts.

I like to swim, sing, and help people

I'm a verbal / solitary learner

Name: Zini

I'm From: Europe

I like my guitar, extreme sports,

soccer, and building things

My strengths are interpersonal and

musical intelligence

I'm a logical / social learner

I'm from Africa

Name: Celeste

I like to learn about science, write, fashion, and play woodwinds

I like technology, extreme sports, volleyball, and brass instruments

I'm a visual / solitary learner

I'm a physical / social learner

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My strengths are linguistic-verbal,

musical, & naturalistic intelligence

My strengths are bodily-kinesthetic

and musical intelligence

I'm From: North America

I like to run track, play drums, draw, and spend time by myself thinking 

Name: Meri

I'm a aural / solitary learner

My strengths are musical, and

logical-mathematical intelligence

Name: Fuego 

My strengths are visual-spatial, musical, & intrapersonal intelligence

For friends 8-12 years old

be uniquely you

I'm from South America

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Name: Terra